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War Memorial, Yalta, Ukraine

This memorial in Yalta is near the upper station of the cable car that departs from Kirov Street (вулиця Кирова), just behind the seafront promenade near the Alexander Nevsky cathedral. Unfortunately, I discovered this after walking up the hill on … Continue reading

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Seelow Heights Museum & Memorial Cemetery, Brandenburg, Germany

The Seelow Heights form a low ridge that overlooks the Oderbruch, the western flood plain of the River Oder, about 40 miles east of Berlin. In April 1945, as the Soviets crossed the Oder, these hills were the last natural … Continue reading

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T-34 Memorial, Khoiniki, Belarus

I snapped this T-34 in the town of Khoiniki in the Gomel region of southern Belarus in the summer of 2009. The cladding had been removed from the concrete pedestal for renovation works, so I was unable to glean any … Continue reading

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Führerhauptquartier Werwolf, Vinnitsya, Ukraine

Werwolf was one of a number of Führer headquarters that were used by Hitler and senior military commands through the course of the war.  Construction of the Werwolf complex began in November 1941, using thousands of POWs and other forced … Continue reading

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“Defence Line” Memorial, Novorossiysk, Russia

In 2013/14, I completed an MA in Military History and Strategic Studies at Maynooth University. My thesis was on the campaign in the Kuban. The thesis can be found here. Novorossiysk is the largest port on Russia’s Black Sea coast … Continue reading

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Fort No. 5, Kaliningrad, Russia

Fort No. 5 (originally called Fort König Friedrich-Wilhelm III) was one of a ring of 12 defensive fortresses that were constructed around the East Prussian capital Königsberg between 1872 and 1890 and updated several times up to World War I. … Continue reading

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Victory Day Parade in Red Square, Moscow, Russia

The first Victory Parade on Moscow’s Red Square was held on June 24, 1945, and is famous for images such as Marshal Georgiy Zhukov riding a white horse across the square and the standards of numerous Wehrmacht units being thrown … Continue reading

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