Armoured Train “Zheleznyakov”, Sevastopol, Ukraine

The armoured train “Железняков (Zheleznyakov)” stands in front of Sevastopol’s main train station at the junction of ул. Вокзальная (Station St.), ул. Героев Севастополя (Heroes of Sevastopol St.) and ул. Ревякина (Revyakin St.).

The train was built in 1941 and first saw action in November of that year. It operated through the siege of Sevastopol, earning the nickname “The Green Ghost” from the Germans due to its stealth and effectiveness. It was disabled on June 28, 1942, when a Luftwaffe bombing raid demolished a tunnel in which the train was hidden. The Germans managed to recover and repair the train and used it until 1944, when it was blown up as the Red Army retook the Crimean Peninsula. After the war it was restored, and it was installed at its current location in October 1967.

“Death to Fascism!”

Also in Sevastopol:

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3 Responses to Armoured Train “Zheleznyakov”, Sevastopol, Ukraine

  1. David says:

    Hi, this blog is very informative and the photos are excellent. Keep up the good work! D

  2. Thanks for the comment, glad you’re enjoying the blog.

  3. Simon Wells says:

    My thanks to you too. Great pics and information! I always seem to be drawn back to the history of this titanic conflict although I am very glad I wasn’t there. Only just beginning to learn something of Russia now. Regards Simon Wells.

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