“Eternity” Memorial, Chisinau, Moldova

The largest war memorial in Moldova’s capital city was opened on May 9, 1975. The central monument is composed of five stylized rifles, one representing each year 1941-45, that form a 25-metre-tall pyramid. An eternal flame burns in the centre of the monument and an honour guard of two soldiers stands watch.

Chisinau1 (7)

Chisinau1 (5)Chisinau1 (47) Chisinau1 (46)Along one side of the park is a series of red stone bas-relief sculptures representing the progress of the war. In front of these is a series of 155 marble slabs with the names of Moldovan soldiers who fell in the war, including some who were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

Chisinau1 (20)Chisinau1 (26)Chisinau1 (21)

A smaller memorial commemorates Moldovan soldiers who were awarded the highest honours for their service during the war. The Moldovan and Russian text on the central stone reads “For heroism shown on the fronts of the Second World War 19 of our countrymen were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union and four were awarded the Order Glory, Third Class.”

Chisinau1 (12) Chisinau1 (13)

The complex stands beside one of Chisinau’s main cemeteries, which includes a number of military graves, and the section immediately adjacent to the memorial is a separate Red Army plot.

Chisinau1 (34) Chisinau1 (41)Chisinau1 (35)The complex was designed by the architect A. Minaev and sculptors A. Maiko and A. Ponyatovskii. It underwent major restoration works in the summer of 2006 and was reopened on August 24, the 62nd anniversary of the city’s liberation in 1944.

Chisinau1 (16)

The complex stands a few kilometres south of the city centre. From either Bulevardi Stefan cel Mare or Strada 31 August 1989, turn right onto Strada Ismail and follow this street to the memorial. The train station, Hotel Chisinau and Malldova shopping mall are all quite close by.

Also in Chisinau:

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