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11th Guards Rifle Division Monument, Kaliningrad, Russia

This memorial commemorates the 11th Guards Rifle Division, which was part of 11th Guards Army’s attack into Kaliningrad from the south of the city. It is a simple rectangular concrete obelisk, 3 metres high and with a red marble plaque. … Continue reading

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Marshal Konev Heights Museum, Solonitsivka, Kharkov Region, Ukraine

This major museum and memorial complex is located at the spot where Marshal Ivan Konev (1897–1973), in command of the Steppe Front, established his command post in preparation for the operation to liberate Kharkov (for the second time) in August … Continue reading

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Border Guards Memorial, Brest, Belarus

This memorial commemorates the members of the NKVD border guard detachment who died at Brest Fortress in the opening days of the war, including their commander, Lieutenant Andrei Kizhevatov. The central monument stands on a small mound and is surrounded … Continue reading

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Central Front HQ Museum, Svoboda, Kursk Region, Russia

During the Battle of Kursk, the Central Front, under Konstantin Rokossovsky, was responsible for the defence of the northern sector of the salient, facing Walter Model’s 9th Army. Rokossovsky based his staff at Svoboda (Свобода – it means freedom), about … Continue reading

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Victory Day Street Decorations, Volgograd, Russia

The photos in this post show some street decorations installed in Volgograd for Victory Day. The first is from the central square at улица Мира (ylitsa Mira) and площадь Павших Борцов (Fallen Warriors’ Square). С праздником Победы means Happy Victory … Continue reading

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