11th Guards Rifle Division Monument, Kaliningrad, Russia

This memorial commemorates the 11th Guards Rifle Division, which was part of 11th Guards Army’s attack into Kaliningrad from the south of the city. It is a simple rectangular concrete obelisk, 3 metres high and with a red marble plaque.

Kaliningrad 136

The inscription on the plaque reads “9 апреля 1945 года соединения 11-й гвардейской армии под командованием Героя Советского Союза гвардии генерал-полковника К.Н. Галицкого вели бои в центральных кварталах Кёнигсберга. Здесь, в районе Гвардейского проспекта, в ожесточенных кровопролитных боях с частями немецко-фашистского гарнизона отличились воины 11-й гвардейской стрелковой дивизии под командованием гвардии генерал-майора Н.Г. Цыганова.”

In English this means “On April 9, 1945 the formations of the 11th Guards Army under the command of Hero of the Soviet Union, Guards Colonel-General K. N. Galitsky fought in the central districts of Königsberg. Here, in the area of Guards Avenue, in fierce bloody battles with the parts of the fascist German garrison, soldiers of the 11th Guards Rifle Division, commanded by Major-General of the Guards N. G. Tsyganov, distinguished themselves.”

Kaliningrad 137

The memorial was officially unveiled in January 1975. It stands on Guards’ Avenue (Гвардейский проспект), close to Victory Park (Парк Победы) in southwestern part of the city. There are several other monuments along Guards’ Avenue, and I will post some pictures of them soon.

Also in Kaliningrad:

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