Memorial to the Heroes of Odessa City and Region, Odessa, Ukraine

This memorial list the names of residents of Odessa and the surrounding region who received the highest awards for their actions during the Great Patriotic War.

Ukraine 042

On one side of a small square is a wall listing individuals who were awarded the highest honour, Hero of the Soviet Union, including four men who received the award twice:

  • Stepan Elizarovich Artemenko (1913-1977), who was honoured for his command of an infantry battalion in fighting near Warsaw in January 1945 and again during the crossing of the Oder.
  • Rodion Yakovlevich Malinovskiy (1917-2004), who fought in the First World War, Russian Civil War and Spanish Civil War before taking a number of senior command positions during the Great Patriotic War, including the 66th Army and 2nd Guards Army at Stalingrad, and the Southern and 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian Fronts. He served as Minister for Defence from 1957-67.
  • Semyon Konstantinovich Timoshenko (1895-1970), who was Commissar for Defence at the start of the war and later commanded the Southwest and Northwest Fronts.
  • Vladimir Avramovich Aleksenko (1923-1995), commander of the 15th Guards Ground Attack Aviation Regiment of 3rd Belarussian Front.

Odessa (12)Odessa (13)

The second part of the memorial lists a number of recipients of the Order of Glory and three individuals who were awarded the “For Courage” Medal four times.

Odessa (6)

The memorial stands on the junction of Lanzheronivska St. (Ланжеронівська вул.) and Rishelevska St. (Рішельєвська вул.), directly opposite Odessa’s famous Opera House.

Also in Odessa:

Memorial to the Unknown Sailor

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