Bunker Museum, Kaliningrad, Russia

This museum is housed in the bunker from which General Otto Lasch commanded the defence of Königsberg and where he signed the order surrendering the city on April 9, 1945. The bunker was largely undamaged in the fighting, and the museum was opened to the public in 1968.

Kaliningrad 022 Kaliningrad 021

The bunker is 7 metres underground and consists of 21 rooms. Space is at a premium due to the cramped confines of the bunker, so any large exhibits are impossible and it doesn’t take too many visitors before it starts feeling a bit crowded.

Kaliningrad 027

One of the larger rooms contains a recreation of the surrender, with a downcast-looking Lasch slumped in his chair, and others contain models showing how the city looked at the end of the war, maps of the assault on the city, eyewitness accounts of the fighting, historical artefacts, etc. Two films (in Russian only) describing the fighting for the city are played on screens. A few books and souvenirs are on sale at the ticket desk.

Kaliningrad 024 Kaliningrad 026 Kaliningrad 025

The museum is in front of the main building of Kaliningrad State University, just a few minutes walk from Victory Square, the Hotel Kaliningrad and the restored German cathedral. It opens from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm every day except Monday. The entrance fee is 80 rubles (about €2).

Kaliningrad 031 Kaliningrad 030

Also in Kaliningrad:

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