Victory Day 2013

In this post, I will include some coverage of the Victory Day celebrations.

A full dress rehearsal for the Moscow parade took place of Tuesday, May 7. RIA Novosti posted this album of photographs. One of the more unusual stories covered by RIA in the run-up to Victory Day concerned migrating geese in a town in the Kostroma region, northeast of Moscow. Russia Behind the Headlines posted a story about the efforts of volunteer groups who search for the remains of missing soldiers from the war.

On Wednesday, Vladimir Putin laid flowers at the tomb of the unknown soldier at the base of the Kremlin walls.

RT posted their full coverage of the Red Square parade to YouTube. As usual with RT, the commentary is a bit ropey, but it’s probably the only complete video of the full parade with English language comment.

For those who don’t want to watch the full hour, here’s a short highlights video:

The text of Vladimir Putin’s address at the parade was published on the official Kremlin website, which also posted a photo gallery. The BBC’s Russian service provided these photos. The Guardian has a nice album with photos from a number of cities across the former Soviet Union, including Kiev, Minsk, Yerevan and Tbilisi.

PetrovFed uploaded this video of the parade in St. Peterburg’s Palace Square (Дворцовая площадь):

Read Russia! published some interesting articles that looked at Victory Day beyond the parades. One looks at Stalin’s place in the celebrations and another examines what the day means for ordinary Russians. In addition, there is a slideshow of Victory-Day-inspired graffiti.

If you wish, take a look at my photos from the 2006 parade and some of the decorations that were erected in the streets of Volgograd that year.

Finally for now, here’s a video of the parade in Minsk:

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