“Sapun Ridge” Diorama Museum, Sevastopol, Ukraine

Sapun Ridge (Сапун-Гора) is a 240-m-tall ridge that provides a strong defensive position to the southeast of Sevastopol city centre. During the assault on Sevastopol in May 1944, it was defended by the German 5th Korps, but the 51st Army broke the defences on May 7, leaving the route into the city clear. The last German resistance in the Crimea ended on the Khersonneses peninsula to the west of the city centre on May 12.

Photo from Wikipedia Commons, by Cmapm

Photo from Wikipedia Commons, by Cmapm

The 25-by-5-metre diorama painting was created by a team from the Grekov War Artists’ Studio in Moscow, led by P.T.Maltseva, and the museum first opened on November 4, 1959.

Diorama EntranceDiorama Painting

In 1970, a 28-metre-tall memorial obelisk commemorating the liberation of Sevastopol was constructed and an eternal flame was lit.

Sapun MemorialSapun ObeliskSapun Flame

The area around the museum contains a large collection of military hardware, including tanks, artillery, a torpedo boat and some reconstructions of the German defensive trenches.

Sapun Ridge ArtillerySapun Torpedo BoatSapun Naval GunsSapun Ridge Tanks

The museum opens from 9:00 to 5:00 every day except Monday (last admission at 4:30). In July and August, it opens every day from 9:00 to 5:30 (last admission at 5:00). The admission price is 50 UAH (about €5.00). By public transport, the museum can be reached by taking trolleybus 1, 7 or 17 to the Malakhov Kurgan (Малахов Курган) stop and then taking bus no. 20 or marshrutka no. 107.

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