On this page, I will include links to other blogs and web sites that may be of interest to readers.

Traces of War: This is one of the most comprehensive sites concerning museums, memorials and other places of interest regarding the Second World War. It is maintained by the Dutch organisation Stichting Informatie Tweede Wereldoorlog (Foundation Regarding Information on the Second World War). It has extensive coverage of Western European countries and is steady adding to its content for the former Soviet countries. A big plus is the use of Google Maps links.

Помните Нас! (Remember Us!): A Russian language site that focuses on Soviet memorials. It has information on over 5,000 sites in both Russia and Ukraine.

Герои Страны (The Country’s Heroes): This site has biographical details about holders of the Hero of the Soviet Union and other high honours, including memorials honouring them. It is in Russian, but has a handy link to Google Translate, so it can be fully navigated in English (or many other languages).

WW2Connection: This site collects links to WW2 museums, blogs, reenacters, tour companies, etc, as well as reviewing books and DVDs.



The Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Moscow: Russia’s main museum devoted to the war of 1941-45. The web site is pretty comprehensive, with multimedia presentations of the 6 large dioramas that form one of the museum’s highlights. Russian langauge only, perhaps a bit surprisingly.

Central Museum of the Armed Forces, Moscow: This museum in central Moscow deals with the entire history of the Russian and Soviet armed forces. The banner that was raised over the Reichstag is on display here. The web site is rather old-fashioned and is in Russian only.

Museum of the Defence of Moscow: This museum, which opened in 1979, focuses on the battles to the west of Moscow in the autumn/winter of 1941 and life in the city. Again, Russian only.

Kubinka Tank Museum, Moscow Region: One of the world’s premier tank museums. The web site has recently been updated and is in English and Russian.

T-34 History Museum, Moscow Region: This museum is located in the northern suburbs of Moscow. The web site has full English-language content.

Battle of Stalingrad Panorama Museum: The main museum in Volgograd dealing with the battle of Stalingrad. The web site has impressive virtual tours of the museum and the Mamayev Kurgan memorial complex.

Museum of the Defence and Blockade of Leningrad, St. Petersburg: The Blockade Museum’s official web site is in Russian only. The city’s tourism site has a page in English about the museum.

Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad, St. Petersburg: You’ll see this monument on the road into St. Petersburg from the airport. The web site has full English-language content.


Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Kiev: Ukraine’s largest war museum has a pretty good web site that includes a virtual tour and English-language content.

Battle of Kiev Museum: This museum in the northern suburbs of Kiev focuses on the 1943 operation to cross the River Dnieper and recapture Kiev. The web site is in Ukrainian only.


Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Minsk: The Belarussian capital’s main war museum. The web site has a guide to the museum’s history and exhibits in English. Note that a new museum building is currently under construction (scheduled opening in 2014) so perhaps a new web site will also be developed.

The Stalin Line Museum, Minsk Region: This is a great museum to visit. The web site has one page of general information in English.

Brest Fortress: The official web site of the Brest Fortress complex is mainly in Russian and Belarussian, but has some English content.


German-Russian Museum, Karlshorst, Berlin: This museum, which is housed in the building in which the unconditional surrender of the German armed forces was signed in 1945, focuses on the war in the East. It recently reopened after undergoing substantial refurbishment. The web site is in English, German and Russian.

Tour Companies

Holts: Holts is one of the UK’s oldest and most famous military and historical tour companies. Naturally, they focus on British campaigns, but they usually run at least one tour per year to the former Soviet Union.

The Cultural Experience: This is a relatively new company, which appears to offer a similar service to Holts.

Military History Tours: Offers a varied range of tours at pretty good prices.


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