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Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Moscow, Russia

Moscow’s Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War stands in Victory Park (Парк победы) at Poklonnaya Gora (Поклонная гора, which translates literally as “Bowing hills”), not far from Moscow State University and the Luzhniki Olympic complex in the southwestern part … Continue reading

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Storming of Königsberg Monument, Kaliningrad, Russia

This monument commemorates the taking of Königsberg by the Red Army in April 1945. The plates on the monument list all the units that took part in the operation, under the heading “Они штурмовали Кёнигсберг” (“They stormed Königsberg”). The monument stands … Continue reading

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Khatyn National Memorial Complex, Minsk Region, Belarus

NB. Khatyn (Хатынь) should not be confused with Katyn (Катынь), the site of the massacre of Polish officers by the NKVD in April-May 1940. Katyn is near Smolensk in Western Russia, about 200 miles from Minsk. The Khatyn Memorial Complex … Continue reading

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Memorial to the Heroic Defenders of Sevastopol, Ukraine

This memorial wall commemorates the defenders of Sevastopol during the siege by the German 11th Army, which lasted from October 1941 to July 1942. The main memorial wall was built by the architect I.E. Fialko and sculptor V.V. Yakovlevopened in … Continue reading

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Battle of Stalingrad 70th Anniversary

February 2, 2013, marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the battle of Stalingrad. The commander of the German 6th Army, Friedrich Paulus, had surrendered with the bulk of the encircled forces on January 31, 1943, but a smaller … Continue reading

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Monument to the Unknown Sailor, Novorossiysk, Russia

In 2013/14, I completed an MA in Military History and Strategic Studies at Maynooth University. My thesis was on the campaign in the Kuban. The thesis can be found here. Novorossiysk’s Memorial to the Unknown Sailor is a simple statue … Continue reading

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